Confidential Helpline 0345 600 4586

Eligibility Criteria

Can I apply for help?


YES, if you worked or are working for

  • Royal Mail (RM)
  • Post Office Ltd (POL)
  • Parcelforce Worldwide (PFW)
  • Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions
  • Any previously associated companies


  • Working – completed 6 months service, either full or part time
  • Retired –  in receipt of a Royal Mail Pension
  • If none of the above apply, you must be able to prove that you were employed by Royal Mail or Post Office Limited
  • Savings less than £12,000

Call our Helpline on 0345 600 4586

You will be in contact with a trained adviser who will arrange for a telephone interview, lasting about 40 minutes.

They will discuss:

  • What you are applying for
  • Details of income, expenditure and any savings
  • Documentary evidence that supports your application, including recent bank statements, details of your Royal Mail service, medical evidence and cost estimates, if appropriate

The advisors will prepare a report detailing your position and, with your agreement, they will forward the report to the Fund for consideration by Trustees.

If at any time you worked for BT, then just click on BT to find out how to apply for help from their benevolent fund.

If you worked in a sub-Post Office, you need to contact The National Federation of Sub Postmasters


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