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£450K Given Out in Grants in 2018

Our award making, takes place twice a month.
You do not have to repay the grant.
Below are some of the grants given this month:

*   Rent, council tax, electricity, gas, water and mortgage arrears
*   Essential household items
*   Counselling
*   Bankruptcy fees
*   Mobility scooter
*   Riser-recliner chair
*   Funeral expenses

In cases such as the home adaptations, which can be very expensive, we pledge an amount of money, giving the applicants time to get the rest of the money together.
We have helped on many occasions with a Debt Relief Order and for further information click on the link

We often pay the shortfall of a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) and further information click on this link

We award discretionary, regular grants for a period of 12 months to help those whose income is low. This is often the result of illness, when all sick leave has been used.

We are increasingly being asked to help to pay for counselling. If successful, we usually give a pledge to cover the recommended amount of counselling sessions, and the counsellor invoices us monthly.

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