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Help – when more support is needed for serious health problems-such as:

  •  Assistance with travel costs when specialist help may be some distance from home.
  •  Adaptations inside or outside the home
  •  Riser-recliner chairs
  •  Wheelchairs


How we have helped

At last Jake has a voice!

Llangollen postman Robert Davies asked the Rowland Hill Fund for help in buying a special computer for his son Jake who has quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

‘The Tobii Eye Gaze computer gives Jake a voice for the first time,’ says Robert. ‘It cost us a total of £12,000 and the £1,500 from Rowland Hill really made a difference. Jake and his twin sister, Ella, are nine and he is dependant on his family for all of his needs, from eating and moving to playing.’

Jake,’s condition affects the whole of his body and means he cannot weight-bear, transfer any weight, sit or walk and talk. He is in a wheelchair and has no fine motor skills, so he cannot pick anything up or control an item placed in his hand.

Operating his new computer with eye movements only, Jake is gradually gaining more control over his life. Robert says: ‘He is a happy boy with an infectious smile and very sociable. He loves watching any football match on TV and, considering what he has to deal with in his everyday life, he copes very well.’


Anthony gains his independance!

Anthony writes…………..“Thank you so much for funding my mobility scooter, whilst on holiday recently with my family I could do everything everybody wanted to do without feeling like a nuisance, it has meant so much to me in everyday living.”


And so does Ivor, but in a different way!

Retired Belfast postman Ivor Harper asked The Rowland Hill Fund for help after he had to undergo serious neurological surgery for Ménière’s disease, which he’s suffered from for nearly 20 years.

‘This is a horrible disease that affects your inner ear. It’s caused me immense difficulties in walking, hearing and even just sitting, sometimes for hours on end,’ says Ivor.

‘I was lucky I had good consultants and a GP who helped me to get a diagnosis and treatment. When I had been through the surgery, I had to spend months learning to walk again and had to take early retirement from my job as a postman.

‘The grant from the Rowland Hill Fund helped me to get my bathroom converted so  it’s safe for me to use. It’s helped me be much more independent and I’m very grateful to them.’


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