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Suffering with Scoliosis at 14 Years Old

Alan, 51, has worked for Royal Mail for 31 years as a professional driver. He lives with his partner Lorraine Mintram, his daughter Halle Faye, who is 14 years old and stepdaughter Milly Ann.

Halle Faye was diagnosed with Scoliosis in June 2017 and is a medical condition in which a person’s spine has a sideways curve. In severe cases like Halle Faye’s it can interfere with breathing and be extremely painful. The surgery necessary can only take place when the spine had reached a lateral curvature of 50-60% and she has gone from 22%-36% ini the last 6 months. The procedure involves the insertion of metal rods into the spine, a risky undertaking that can lead to paralysis due to the possibility of damage to the spinal cord.

Prior to surgery, Halle Faye has been receiving non-surgical spinal treatments which are not provided by the NHS including core-strengthening exercises and wearing a spinal brace for 18 hours every day. This treatment is expensive and the family are looking for financial support to help with family household bills until she has her surgery.   The Fund supported the family with 3 months mortgage payments and hospital travel expenses.


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