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Mortgage Payments Contribution

Kevin has worked for the business for 9 years as a Postman at Newcastle under Lyme and he lives with his wife Angela and 3 daughters.

Whilst out on a walk in December 2018, Kevin tripped and damaged his shoulder very badly. At the time he had no idea as to the extent of the injury. It was strapped and he expected a short recovery time. Unfortunately, the injury was much worse than anyone realised and in June 2019 Kevin had reconstruction surgery which consisted of two anchors being put in, two muscles reattached, and the bone ground down to enable it to fit back it the socket smoothly.

The shoulder was strapped for six weeks, and the expectation is the recovery period will be around twelve months, including extensive work with the physiotherapists.  Sadly, Kevin has been advised that he may never recover the full use of the arm as it was before the accident.

Kevin is now on half pay which is having a significant financial impact on the family’s finances.

The fund were happy to support Kevin and his family by contributing towards his future mortgage payments.

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