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“Help from the Rowland Hill Fund came at the right moment”

Talal Bayaa, a postman at Didcot Delivery Office, joined Royal Mail on a reduced salary after being made redundant from his previous IT job. He and his family had accumulated quite a lot of debt and were struggling to meet their monthly commitments.

Given the situation, Talal applied for benefit support and also started a debt management plan with Stepchange, the free expert debt agency.

He then found that his housing benefit payments had been drastically reduced, due to his temporary Christmas overtime hours, and this has led to him falling behind with his rent. He is seeking help from his local Citizens Advice Bureau about this.

Rowland Hill Fund were able to support with £986 towards rent arrears.

Talal is confident after working with Stepchange on managing his debts that he will be able to meet his monthly commitments.

He said, “The help from Rowland Hill Fund came at the right moment. We were struggling to manage and didn’t know what to do next. Stepchange has really helped and I’m confident about the future. I’m also hoping to increase my hours at Royal Mail.”


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