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Fleeing Domestic Abuse

A mum and her three young children had to leave their council property after an urgent domestic abuse issue and move into a women’s refuge. The council are attempting to find her another suitable property, and she is hopeful that will happen in the very near future.  However, she must continue to pay her existing council property rent, as if she fails to do so, she will lose the right to another suitable property, along with paying for the room in the women’s refuge.

She works part time, 25 hours per week, and works around her children. Her finances are stretched severely because of the two lots of rent she’s currently having to pay. Once the council can find a new property for her and the children, she will then be able to leave the refuge, and moving forward her financial situation will be greatly improved.

We were happy to help with the rent and hope she is rehoused safely soon.

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