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Emergency Accommodation & Travel Costs

Alfie works for Royal Mail and is based in Truro Sorting Office.  He required assistance with the cost of emergency accommodation in Bristol.  Alfie’s 2-year-old daughter, Evie, was born early at 33 weeks with a small hole in her heart and with severe reflux.  Evie’s delay in development was originally thought to be a chromosomal change.

Evie attended Bristol Children’s hospital for an MRI scan and the scan showed a large tumour involving the central part of the brain and extended down onto the top part of her spinal cord.  After numerous conversations with Consultants it was agreed that the best option was to operate to remove the tumour as best they could.

It took a few weeks before the consultants felt that Evie was ready to go to theatre and thereafter she was moved into Paediatric Intensive Care.  During these weeks Alfie needed to stay near the hospital as Evie was in such a critical condition.

Evie has been in hospital since the middle of April and is still in Paediatric intensive care.  Since the operation Evie has been on a ventilator and will require extensive rehabilitation that could take more than a year.

The fund assisted with the cost of emergency accommodation so that Alfie could stay close to his daughter.

Since the operation Alfie has had to return back to work, only being able to visit Evie at the weekends. Sadly, in July, Consultants decided that Evie requires a shunt to be installed in her brain and she has undergone this further operation.  Alfie took annual leave for a week so that he could be near the hospital and his daughter.  The fund were able to assist further with travel and accommodation costs.

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