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Council Tax & Utility Bill Arrears

Alan (56) lives with his partner Belinda (57) and currently with his two grandchildren; Kyle Rabey-Sumpter (10) and Connor Rabey-Sumpter (8). Alan worked for Royal Mail for 16 years starting in 1979 as a Telegram Boy and was medically retired in 1995 after an industrial injury.

Alan explained about his work-related accident, which has prevented him from securing employment since its occurrence. In 1994, he was walking his round as a postman when he fell into a low, spiked fence. The fence penetrated one of his legs and damaged his other leg, which exacerbated an existing injury sustained during a previous motorbike accident. He managed to remove the piece of fence from the ground and with it still embedded, knocked on a door for help. An ambulance was called and on arrival, Alan was told that he was lucky to be alive – he nearly bled to death due to the severity of his injury.

Financially, the couple have been able to manage up until recently, when Belinda had to cease work due to severe asthma – on more than one occasion an ambulance has been required when she has suffered a particularly bad attack. Also, the couple have recently been granted interim guardianship of their two grandsons, Kyle and Connor. Alan explained that the children had been neglected by their mother and father and were now in their care after an official intervention by social services. The couple’s flat is a very small with only one-bedroom meaning caring for the boys can be extremely difficult on occasion. Despite this the boys have shown a great deal of improvement in all areas (particularly in their schoolwork and behaviour) since being in the care of Alan and Belinda.

Alan is confident that the couple will eventually receive state benefit for caring for the boys, however the couple are struggling to afford the day-to-day expenses required to properly look after the boys in the interim, resulting in them falling into arrears.

The Fund were happy to help with council tax and utility bill arrears.

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