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Car Safety and Rainbow Panel Light

Kevin has worked for the business since 2016 as an OPG. Mrs Clarke is a full-time carer to Georgia.

Kevin’s daughter, Georgia aged 11 has suffered since birth with Gorlins Syndrome, uncontrollable epilepsy and is blind to everything other than bright lights. Georgia’s only way to communicate is via a computer.

Kevin explained that Georgia is now able to free herself from a standard 3-point seatbelt and recently endangered herself whilst traveling in the car down the motorway. Georgia is drawn to bright lights and whilst travelling freed herself from the seatbelt and climbed into the boot of the car to try and reach the sunlight.

A Crelling Harness has been recommended as suitable by Georgia’s school and school nurse both of which have provided letters of support and recommendations for the harness. Purchasing the harness will not only make travel safer for Georgia but ease the concerns of both her parents.

A Crelling Harness is a 5-point safety harness for transporting disabled people safely on the road.  Georgia requires 2 harnesses which will  enable her to travel safely in both family cars.

Also, Georgia has broken her sensory interactive rainbow panel light which Georgia uses at school and used to use at home. Georgia is now missing this enrichment at home.

The Fund were delighted to help Georgia by funding the purchase of 2 harnesses and a replacement sensory interactive rainbow light.

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