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Case Studies

David Holmes

David lost his father to cancer and then his mother was diagnosed a short while afterwards. Whilst taking time away

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The Whiting Family

Paul is a serving RM employee, currently on a career break to support his wife, Jan, who is paralysed from

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Catherine Poole’s Story- in her own words

Catherine has worked for Royal Mail, at the Cirencester Delivery Office for 12 years…….. I ended up being stood in

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A canal side walk with his new rollator!

Pictured is a very happy David Leppard with his new, sporty-looking walking aid, called a rollator and purchased by the

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“Thank you enough for getting us out of the hole we were in!”

A card we received from Barry Minshall and his wife read………. “I would like to thank you on behalf of

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A Stroke at the age of 30

After suffering a stroke at the age of 30, Stephen Williams has been left with a clenched right hand and

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No hot water for weeks!

That was the miserable predicament of Maureen and John Hunt and their autistic son, Darren, when their boiler wascondemned. Washing

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14 Years Old and Diagnosed with Cancer!

Dealing with the devastating news that their 14 year old son has been diagnosed with cancer, has resulted in dad

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Rent and Deposit Needed to Secure Alternative Accommodation

Neil worked on the Travelling Post Office (TPO Train service). In 2004 the TPO was closed and he opted for

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Mark, Mortgage Arrears, £2,500

Mark, 33, was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2010. He suffered a seizure at work and was taken to

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