£41,000 Given in Grants April

Our "schedules"- award making,  take place twice per month. This is when the awards/grants are decided.

A question we are frequently asked is if the awards have to be repaid. The answer is very definitely NO! These are grants given at times of need, and hopefully they will make a difference.
Below are some of the other grants given this month:

  • Rent, council tax, electricity, gas, water and mortgage arrears
  • Household items, in the form of price and product specific Argos vouchers
  • A regular grant of £100 per month for twelve months**
  • Wheelchair
  • *DFG Shortfall
  • Building repair work
  • Specialised bed
  • Bankruptcy fees x2
  • Adjustable bed
  • Stairlift x 2

In cases such as the bathroom adaptations, which can be very expensive, we pledge a certain amount, giving the applicants time to get the rest of the money together. 

We have helped on many occasions with a Debt Relief Order https://www.gov.uk/options-for-paying-off-your-debts/debt-relief-orders

*We often pay the shortfall of  a Disabled Facilities Grant-DFG
For further information about a DFG  click on this link https://www.gov.uk/apply-disabled-facilities-grant
We do award discretionary, regular grants for a period of 12 months to help those whose income is really low. This is often the result of illness, when all sick leave has been used.